We hereby would like to inform our worldwide members that the JKS Headquarters does not own or administer any Facebook web page.

Official results JKS 3rd World Championships


We have discovered that lately in the Internet, there are some individuals claim to be the inheritors of Tetsuhiko Asai Sensei’s legacy. The Japan Karate Shoto Federation would like to worn karate enthusiasts not to be fooled by such so-called successors of Asai Sensei.

Those claims only have commercial gains for those individuals

Official results of JKS European Championships 2014
JKS European Championship 2014


The late Shuseki Shihan Tetsuhiko Asai established the NPO Japan Karate Shoto Federation in the year 2000. Unfortunately, he passed away in the year 2006. This sad event raised many difficulties which we were able to overcome due to the efforts of the Headquarters’ Instructors and strong passion of the JKS members.

Our long time ideal is ‘Lifetime Karate’ training. So, we will try hard to spread and develop karate-do and work towards the improvement of our federation.


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